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 Dovekit: SilverStar's kit

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Dovekit: SilverStar's kit Empty
PostSubject: Dovekit: SilverStar's kit   Dovekit: SilverStar's kit EmptyMon Oct 05, 2009 7:19 pm

DoveKit wrote:
Form: your kit!
Name: Dovekit
Gender: She-Kit
Fur Color: Smooth, light grey
Eye Color: Soft blue
Personality: CheerFul and respectful. Always listens to my ma, and my elders. Doesn't like bullies and will stand up for myself and my friends
Age: 2 Moons?
Attack Style: My legs are pretty long, so I can attack from a distance, and I don't like to get too close unless my foe and I are grappling in combat, I like to bite and bat with my paws.
Clan: SunClan
Rank: silverStar's Kit (she said I could :3)
Mate: None yet, I'm only a kit and I don't love anyone either that's really gross
Kits: None until I'm older

okey doke! I'm ready to get started!

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Dovekit: SilverStar's kit
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