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 Why am i here?

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Why am i here? Empty
PostSubject: Why am i here?   Why am i here? EmptySun Nov 22, 2009 7:27 pm

why did SpottedStar have to betrey her own clan? why did she lead twice as many rouges the moores have ever seen before? if it wernt for me SmokyPaw would be dead. but, he hates me for no reason, i saved his life by killing the cat who was attacking him! SpottedStar didnt even tell me a thing, i was her Deputy! well, now i am in this forest, the only person i know here hates me and, i have this word that makes me snap into a feirce trance (it is ToothPick btw)
and i need help.SpottedStar used that against me, she made me kill goldenEar the medcat!
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Why am i here?
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