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 Can i join?

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Location : *a young tom flicks his bushy red tail form side to side* i'm everywhere*his tone sounds freindlybut strong* but often in sunclan or thunderclan*he grins and bounds off*

Can i join? Empty
PostSubject: Can i join?   Can i join? EmptyThu Oct 08, 2009 5:50 pm

*redkit walks in and blinks* *he fills out the form and waits*

Form:here ya' go!



Fur color:a handsome darkish russet red color with small flecks on my muzzle and around my muzzle,with a bushy red tail

Eye Color:Dark blueish green

Personality:bright,loyal,brave,strong,has good skills,likes to hunt,is good natured,fun,playfull,charming,clever,tall and large for a kit,brave,adventourous,loving,is a fast learner,like to fish and hunt,is handsome

Age:about 3,or 4 moons

Attack style:use my mind to think out the attack,use speed,leap from behind,land swiftly and trip them,pin them down using strengh,claw and bite if neccicery,chase them out if they escape


Rank:kit[soon apprentice then warrior]

Mate:i'm just a kit

Kits:i'm a male and i'm just a kit

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Can i join? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Can i join?   Can i join? EmptyThu Oct 08, 2009 5:52 pm

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Can i join?
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